Outsourcing Services

Packages of virtual office services

Basic Start- up Private clients “Developer”
Business Address Business Address Travel organization The package is formed according to customer requirements
Telephone number Telephone number Organizing your personal calendar
Organizing your calendar Corporate presentation Preparation of personal documents (CV, motivation letter, etc.)
Organization of events, travels, conferences Web & corporate design Creation of professional profile in social media (LinkedIn; Twitter; Xing)
Social Media Marketing (Facebook; LinkedIn; Twitter; Xing, Google+)

OfficeAnt Services

Outsourcing services

  • Correspondence -expert preparation of different types of communication depending on your needs. We comply with the individual priority, applying high business standards. We guarantee individual approach to each of your customers or partners, helping to buildstable and professional relationships while protecting your business and private interests.
  • Organizing schedule / calendar – We prepare your daily schedule; Organize your trips both personal and of business nature, taking into account your specific time and budgetary requirements.
  • Office address – Provide you with an address and mailbox for representation before state and municipal authorities and their correspondence. You can use this address in your business cards or websites as the official contact address. The location is Sofia, in a very convenient and comfortable area.
  • Company image – build and maintain your website and upkeep your professional profiles in the most popular social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn; Twitter, Google +, Xing), helping you to increase your customer base.
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  • Project management– We participate in the preparation and distribution of the draft budget; consult you on preparation and execution of tenders related to the project; actively involved in the communication between the various institutions and counterparties that are part of the design process.
  • Call Center – Make incoming and outgoing phone calls with constant or sporadic open lines; send satisfaction survey to your customers; accept orders; arrange telephone interviews and more.
  • Creation and processing of texts; prepress. Translation and editing – assist you in the creation and processing of original texts and various types of documents. Carry out translations from / to English, German and Spanish.
  • Marketing research, market research for optimal products and services, providing you with alternative choices. Carry out marketing campaigns on the Internet, advertising your business in the best way.
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  • Company Archive – enter and process your documents, arranging them professionally in records available at any time. Convert the necessary information, store it conveniently for you in an electronic register. Ensure the continuous updating of already existing databases.
  • Design of brand and corporate identity – Creation of corporate design (corporate) image – Company slogan, logo design, development of corporate brochure and business cards, web site.
archive 1 Graphic-Design