About us


What is OfficeAnt Outsourcing

1. OfficeAnt Outsourcing is a european BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company;

  • OfficeAnt Outsourcing is an European BPO company
  • We have a strong foundation based onextensive experience in the business world
  • With generation Y team
  • With excellent knowledge of customer needs and challenges
  • Excellent sense for market and  businesses changes
  • We are powered by Agency Career, established in 2008, providing outsourced customer support solutions
  •  Team members with a center in  Europe
  • Diverse customer interactions every year via phone, email, chat & social media support
  • Work stations in Europe (Bulgaria)
  • Unique multilingual delivery model offering “One Stop Shop” services
  • Languages – primarily English, German & Spanish
  • Process intelligence culture


   2. The OfficeAnt Outsourcing team offers you services in several areas:

  • Office management implementation of business correspondence in Bulgarian, English and German; creating professional presentations, reports and summaries; Preparation of timetables, orders, travel and reservations. We organize your office activities, following the respective business standards.
  • Working with database processing and structuring databases, analysis and synthesis of useful information; detailed market research on given criteria.
  • Organizing phone campaigns conduction of inbound / outbound call campaigns; consultation and participation in the creation of scripts for the conduction of telephone conversations.
  • Managing profiles on social networksmaintaining your profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google+, Pinterest, Follow me; creating and updating websites; optimize your company’s image and that of your product / service.