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Here are some of our outsourcing services
Contact center

1. Telephone sales (telesales) – We present your products and services in a direct and professional manner;
2. Multilingual services to local and international telephone numbers outsourcing your telephone calls from our virtual assistants;
3. Incoming and outgoing e-mail Correspondence, backup your emails according to the campaigns have taken up (advertising, informational, for sale);
4. Incoming and outgoing phone campaigns – BPO office for phone calls;
5. Phone of the client (Support Center) – a direct connection to your customers.

Virtual Office Assistant

1. Virtual office – providing a virtual address for correspondence in Sofia Bulgaria;
2. Virtual business correspondence in English, German and Bulgarian – answering customer queries, complaints, requests and more.
3. Organizer – establishing a timetable and reminders for important meetings and events – receiving calls from your clients and making appointments and calendar;
4. Backoffice (nonvoice) – recruitment and selection of staff and others.

Processing of data and documents

1. Processing and structuring of database from physical to electronic (virtual) server;
2. Creating professional presentations, reports and summaries;
3. Text Assist – translation and editing of texts, writing articles for blogs;
4. Outsourcing of activities related to text editing- creating, editing and formatting text; copywriting.


1. Public Relations (PR) – sustaining an unwavering corporate image.
2. Marketing examination – your virtual assistant will examine the competitive corporate environment, the current market conditions and the latest methods of advertising and positioning of your products or services;
3. Business consulting for ideas – BPO of your projects and business plans;
4. Conducting incoming / outgoing phone campaigns – infoming your customers in the best way.
5. HOTLINE: direct connection to your customers – orders,Returns; customer satisfaction;

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What we do and who are we?
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We are a team of professionals who will assist you in design, development and stabilization of your business. Our skills, along with advanced communication and office equipment make us a reliable partner for your BUSINESS.

  • Call Center
  • Virtual Office Assistant
  • Processing of data and documents
  • Marketing

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